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Writing Topics

Creativity and Inspiration

Write What You Know : Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life - How to look around you, increase your awareness, and find inspiration in anything

Ten Great Ideas to Boost Your Creativity – Creativity exercises to jump start your writing

Make Fear Your Friend -- How to use fear to make you a better writer

Overcoming Writer’s Block -- Tips and exercises to get you past that moment when the words just won’t come

Time Management

Face It, You’re Never Going to Get it All Done - How to prioritize and make the most of the time you have

How to Find a Balance Between Writing and the Rest of Your Life -- Just one plan among many, but it works for me

The Writing Process

Writing with Depth and Emotion -- Tips from an award-winning author on how to layer your writing so that readers will remember your characters for years to come

Writing Romantic Suspense – It’s two books in one.  How to make every word count

How to Put Suspense In Any Manuscript – It’s not just for mysteries and thrillers

Beginnings, Middles, and Endings -- How to write an opening that gets an editor’s attention, keep that middle from sagging, and write an ending that leaves your reader wanting more

I Can’t Put Your Book Down!  -- How to hook your reader in every chapter

He Said, She Said -- Writing dialogue that sparkles

Pacing, Pacing, Pacing -- How to keep the reader turning the pages

Writing in Deep POV -- How to get inside your characters’ heads and learn more about them than you ever wanted to know

The Twelve Steps of Attraction – How to build the attraction between your hero and heroine in a way that keeps the reader reading

Scene and Sequence – Do You Have it?  -- Basic story structure for romance writers

Self-Editing Your Manuscript – Tips to avoid instant rejection

Editors’ Pet Peeves -- Things editors do NOT like to see in your writing

Fear of Failure, Fear of Success -- What is it that holds you back from starting, writing, finishing, submitting your manuscript?

Get Out of the House!

Networking for Writers -- The old fashioned way—by actually speaking to them.   Tips to overcome shyness

How to Make the Most of a Conference -- What to take, what to wear, how to behave, what NOT take, wear, or do, and how to maintain that conference high when you get home

Critiquing 101 – How to set up and run a critique group

Public Speaking for Writers – Tips on how to present yourself professionally

Women’s Health Issues

How To Celebrate Being You

The Hormonal Roller Coaster:  Why You’re a Different Woman Every Day

Women as Healers

Living With PMDD

How to Motivate Yourself When Motivation Seems Impossible

Did I Really Say (Do) That?  -- Why You Say and Do the Things You Do

Menopause - It’s Not All In Your Mind

Mindful Living – Make Every Moment Count

When You Think You’re Crazy, But You’re Not – It’s your hormones, girlfriend



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