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Thin Ice, Winner, 2007 Golden Leaf Award for Long Contemporary Romance
Celebrates Excellence in Published Romance
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Thin Ice, Winner, 2008 EPPIE for Best Contemporary Romance
Recognizes Outstanding Achievement in E-Publishing
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Thin Ice, Nominated for Best Romance of 2007, Long Print Category, Long and Short Reviews


Scavenge Hunt 2011



Jake’s Return, Winner, 2008 Golden Leaf Award for Long Contemporary Romance
Celebrates excellence in published romance.  
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Pennwriters Meritorious Service Winner, 1998

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Ashton's Secret

Best Book of the Week LASR

From Mistress Bella Reviews, Five Smacks

Snippet:  This book held my interest through the entire book. Through the whole book I had guessed who the killer was and in the end I was right, but it did leave you second-guessing yourself a couple of times. Ashton's Secret was very well written and the story flowed perfectly. I never found a part in the book that bored me. When I started reading this book, I planned on only reading a couple of pages. I started reading it at work and before the day was out, I hadn't done any work. I read the book straight through. Ashton's Secret will pull you into the town of Ashton making you understand and love the characters. The whirlwind romance of Meghan and Nick kept me wanting to read. This is a book that you won't regret reading.  Reviewed by Melissa.  Full review here.

From Long and Short Reviews, Five Books

Snippet:  Ashton’s Secret’ blends romance and mystery with exceptional skill.

Meghan, our leading lady, is intent uncovering the truth about her sister Heather’s death, years earlier. Her sister had been an apparent suicide, but when Meghan discovers an old letter, she begins to have doubts about the official findings.

Meghan travels to the little, one-stoplight town and close-knit community of Ashton, where no one wants to talk about her sister. The only person that will pay her any attention at all is none-other than Nick Hawkinson…black sheep of the town, and quite possibly a killer.

Their first meeting is tense-–but a certain, subtle humor is apparent, as well. This occasional dash of humor lightens certain situations throughout, the way a brighter accent brings life to a painting. Nick is suspicious of Meghan, and she can hardly be blamed for doubts about him! These doubts are soon strengthened, as she learns some of the townies suspect him of Heather’s actual murder--if anyone wanted to admit it to be a murder, that is.

There is no accounting for the decisions of the heart though and, deadly or not, Meghan feels drawn to this possibly dangerous man.

The strength of their feelings, from doubts to love, are easy to sympathize with and understand. Characters throughout this story are wonderful, deep and believable people.

Although Ashton’s Secret has all the earmarks of a typical mystery, the importance of the romance blending with some other, hard to define quality lend it a certain, heartfelt or perhaps heartwarming aura. We, as readers, have hopes and expectations. We feel Meghan’s frustration, and we wait for some resolution. We keep reading, looking for more than one resolution in fact, but throughout this novel are odd touches, where doubt changes to trust, or where fear is apparent even in some well-meaning act. These give the story an evocative depth that is hard to define, but delightful to experience.

I will look for Laverentz’ other books straightaway: this one has made me a fan.  Reviewed by Snapdragon.  Full review here.

From Classic Romance Revival Reviews, Five Wings

Snippet:  These two characters struck sparks from their first meeting. Both were trying to convince themselves that the secrets they were keeping were for the good of the investigation and for the other person…the slow opening of the hero and heroine to each other is delightful and captivating. Each conversation between them adds another layer to their personalities, making them real, living, breathing people with enough emotion to jump off the page at you…I couldn’t put down this story, lost sleep to finish it and I will be reading more of her.   Reviewed by Melissa.  Full review here.



Jake's Return

Best Book of the Week LASR

Fallen Angel Reviews Five Angels and a Recommended Read Review of Jake’s Return

Snippet:  Ms. Laverentz has written a spellbinding story of intrigue, mystery, and love. The characters Rebecca and Jake are so powerful and well thought out that the reader instantly wants these two to find that they not only deserve to be together but that they also are each other’s halves. I was immediately caught up in the story with the first sentence, “Rebecca Reed would never forget the sound of Jacob Donovan walking back into her life.” I could not only see it but feel it and smell it also. Thank you Ms. Laverentz, I can’t wait until I read more from you, and you’re definitely on my keeper shelf.  Reviewed by: Donna 

Review of Jake’s Return from The Romance Studio

Snippet: This book was an absolute treasure—surprisingly in-depth with an original plot and characters to die for! I knew from the blurb that this should be a good book; however, I had no idea it would be such a find. This was my first Liana Laverentz novel but it definitely will not be my last. Ms. Laverentz has expressed her small-town characters so that those of us who are from that setting could definitely relate. Whether good/ bad, rich/ poor, old/ young, male/ female, the characteristics are almost always the same in a small town. The personalities of the two major players were so deeply developed and so loveable that it was almost impossible not to love them and hope for reconciliation. It was a great book and one I had trouble putting down to sleep! I really enjoyed both the story and her writing style. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

Review for Jake's Return from Long and Short Reviews

Snippet: I loved the way the author developed the characters. I was able to look back into their pasts and I felt their joy and pain as if I was actually the one experiencing it. The reasons they behaved the way they did toward each other were clearly delineated. The storyline was also great. It included background stories on other characters so as not to focus completely on the two main characters.

I highly recommend Jake’s Return to anyone who is looking for a suspenseful book which also includes several surprises. I had a hard time making myself stop reading. It is definitely a worthwhile and pleasurable read.

Review for Jake's Return from Manic Readers

Snippet:  Liana Laverentz spins a wonderful tale about love and redemption. The feeling of frustration grows through the book making the reader hard pressed to put it down. Jake and Rebecca are complex characters that are not only exasperating but endearing as well. The storyline twists and turns until you reach the inevitable happy ending. Jake’s Return is a winner for Laverentz.



Thin Ice

Author Jane Richardson blogs Thin Ice…twice!

Quote: [Liana]...treats the issue of domestic violence with great sensitivity, and doesn’t belittle it in any way. She shows quite clearly how this is a situation in which women from many different social and economic backgrounds could find themselves – money, power and public standing mean nothing when a woman is trapped behind the closed doors of an abusive relationship. And more, she also shows that there is hope; there can be a life beyond abuse. I won’t say any more because I wouldn’t want to spoil the story for you, but trust me when I tell you that this subject is treated with both great skill and great compassion.

Review of Thin Ice by Clover Autrey

I fell in love with the characters of Thin Ice. Emily Jordan is the kind of heroine, though she has had a hurtful past and gained a lot of insecurities from it, she possesses the will to push through and remake herself. Seeing her change throughout the story is beautifully written as well as empowering.As for Eric Cameron. He is such a, well, a guy. The talented hockey player gets thoroughly perplexed by the doctor's apparent desire and pushing him away. His exuberant love of his sport is a joy to read. And his genuine nature just breaks your heart. I so wanted these two to get together. Thin Ice is a journey of growth and acceptance. The author captures each stage in a totally believable manner without pushing it over the top and has woven it all into a powerful story. 

Romance at Heart Magazine Review of Thin Ice

Snippet: Thin Ice is one of those stories that reaches out and grabs the reader at the start of the story. It definitely brings out the emotions, not only in the characters, but the reader, as well. Emily and Eric have a strong passion between them that captivates the audience.  I loved the strength of Emily and the perseverance of Eric in not giving up on something that he wanted in life. The camaraderie between Emily and Eric is astounding.  Liana Laverentz creates characters that almost leap from the pages. After Emily suffers with a broken-heart, among other things, I can see why she would feel skeptical of falling in love again. Once a heart is broken, it is sometimes difficult to get over the hurt, and one often feels the healing process will never really rid the terrible pain that lingers. Eric is like a breath of fresh air that gives Emily the lifeline she needs to be happy. He has seen some hard times, too, and the thought of him desiring to have a family life, in the same regards as Emily, made this read even more credible. The tossing in of Robbie was a great asset to the story, too. Ms. Laverentz sketches two delightful characters that face predicaments only to rise to the top and face them head-on. With a love determined to outweigh any troubling complications she gives Emily and Eric the strength to endure only to become more fervent in their actions to find a path to each other. She creates a breathtaking tale that makes the heart elate in so many ways. She is a talented author that doesn’t disappoint in this moving story that delivers.

Review of Thin Ice at Long and Short Reviews

Snippet: Emily's struggles with her emotions and the dichotomy of her desires culminate in a read that is a true pleasure. Ms. Laverentz takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions as Emily and Eric work out their differences and learn how much in common they truly have. The story, while being entertaining, also brings some important issues for women onto the table. Both Eric and Emily have causes they care about and the blending of these causes into an enjoyable read is seamlessly done. The reader is educated without being preached at.

Fallen Angel Reviews Five Angels Review of Thin Ice

Snippet: Thin Ice by Liana Laverentz is a romantic story that can’t be missed. I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster the whole time. This story will grab you and hold on to you until the very end. You can’t help but feel connected to Emily Jordan; she a strong woman, a great doctor and a loving mother. You feel that her life is passing her by. She had too many heartaches and wounds that won’t heal. Eric is the perfect partner for her. He’s a caring and loving man who’s also had a tough life and just wants someone to go home to. I loved watching these two work through their crises and get their lives in order. They are both given some hard situations to deal with, but they both do it wonderfully. The love they share seems to make them so much stronger. Five Angels to Ms. Laverentz for this breathtaking story. Thank you, and I hope to see more in the future.

Coffee Time Romance Four Cups Coffee Time Review of Thin Ice

Snippet: Sensational! This is such an absolutely heart warming story, it will stay with you long after you finish the book. Written with great passion and emotion, this tale will touch women everywhere who have, or even have not, known abuse. I fell in love with this hero's strength to go after Emily because he knew she was worth it. Exceptional characters and memorable secondary characters are created with intense depth and history. Sensual love scenes and tender moments are added to complete this touching romance. This is one book you will want to read over and over again.

Five Hearts From The Romance Studio!
Snippet:  Wow! I absolutely love this book. It's by far one of the best I have read. Emily and Eric are perfect for each other from the start even though they clash on more than one occasion. This is such a well-written story that has it all, from the heart wrenching pain of a love lost, to the excitement of winning the game, and even the passion that burns between two people in love. Beginning with the first page this talented author drew me into the lives of these two characters. She writes with such vivid descriptions the reader will get lost in this emotionally charged read that will at times keep them on the edge of their seats and at other times have them near tears. I would highly recommend this story to anyone who loves a sweet, touching romance that will leave them thinking about it for days. Great Job Ms. Laverentz, I can’t wait to read more from you!  Reviewed by Sandra.

Review for Thin Ice from Front Street Reviews

Romance novels often fall victim to the genre’s standard plot devices such as trauma, emotional baggage, and interfering characters.  Liana Laverentz’s Thin Ice gracefully sidesteps such pitfalls.  Most of the standard elements of a typical romance novel are present, but Laverentz has created a romance with depth.

Thin Ice
sounds like it should be a typical romance.  The main characters appear to be polar opposites.  Dr. Emily Jordan hates violence.  When hockey player Eric Cameron walks into her ER after a fight, she takes an instant dislike to him.  Their paths cross again, and they form a tentative friendship that quickly turns to romance.  The story follows the usual pattern of highs and lows, breakups and makeups, but that’s where the similarities to other novels end.  Laverentz has included a dark undercurrent of domestic violence in this story.

Violence plays a huge role in the story.  It shapes the characters and their actions.  Emily is a survivor of domestic violence.  As a result, she remains vehemently opposed to all forms of violence.  She also bears emotional scars from her past.  These scars cast a shadow over her burgeoning relationship with Eric.  Fighting on the ice is just part of his job, but the violence unnerves Emily.  She worries about Eric’s ability to maintain his temper off the ice.  Emily’s lingering fears stem from her failed marriage and turbulent childhood.  With the characterization of Emily, Laverentz captures the long-term repercussions of abuse.

The most impressive thing about Thin Ice is the character development.  Laverentz manages to avoid stereotypes for all of her characters.  Emily is much more than a battered woman trying to run from her past.  In many ways she faces her past head-on through her work at the hospital and her volunteer work at the local women’s shelter.  Likewise, Eric is more than just a hockey hunk.  He relishes his volunteer work with local children and plays the cello in his spare time.  These are atypical, but genuinely likable characters. 

Even the supporting characters are well-developed.  Each supporting character serves a purpose in the novel.  Some characters provide insight into Emily and Eric’s past lives; others propel the story forward.  The cast of supporting characters includes a violent ex-husband, an abused former mother-in-law, and a reporter.  Laverentz does not waste a single character.

The plot is solid.  It features more than the usual number of twists and turns for the couple.  Of course, the ending is a foregone conclusion.  After about fifty pages, you know this couple will make it somehow.  This is one of those books where the characters’ journey is more important than the destination. Laverentz has also included a nice epilogue.

Despite the heavy presence of violence, Thin Ice is really a very enjoyable novel.  It has sharp characters and more depth than other romance novels.  It is a bit heavier than other romances, but it works.  Such well-drawn characters would be out of place in a lighter work.  Overall, it is a fun read.

Reviewed by Cynthia Murphy, Front Street Reviews.  Click on Romance, then Thin Ice.


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